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- Name: Republic of Korea (South Korea)
- Population: 46,858,000 persons, 86.2% of the population lives in urban   areas
- Languages: Korean.
- Area: 221,135 which is similar in size to that of the U.K., New Zealand   or Romania
- Climate/Geography: Cold winters in the north; hot humid summers.   Mountainous with a rugged east coast; west coast contains many harbors.
- Metropolitan Areas: Seoul (the capital) is occupied by 10.3 million people;   Pusan 3.8 million; Taegu 2.5 million; Inchon 2.4 million; Kwangju 1.3 million.
- Government: Republic, with power centralized in the executive; Head of   State, President LEE MYUNG-BAK;
- Religions: Christian 49%, Buddhist 47%